17 ; The SDG Card Game

Hello everyone ūüôā This is a bit of a longer post, so I invite you to grab a drink and get comfortable. So let’s begin! A couple of posts back I introduced you all to what the Sustainable Development Goal’s (SDG’s) are, and what they aim towards. Now, after months of planning, a handful of Youtheme members have come up with 17; an educational card game that will greatly expand our knowledge ¬†on these global goals. Now if you are interested in it, be prepared, it’s not an easy one! However it’s creators created a more challenging game in the hopes to make players understand that the goals themselves are not easily achieved.

Here’s the story on how the 17 Card Game was born:

The first step was to reach out to the people involved in the Youtheme foundation as well as other related contacts.  Once the creators of the card game were found, an introductory meeting was held and roles were assigned and agreed upon. The creative team met for a number of brainstorming sessions were different card games were played in order to instigate inspiration. All members of this project were vital; some shared knowledge on SDG’s whilst others helped in the creative element and card design knowledge. After a healthy amount of discussion, it was decided that since the goals are global and need the co-operation of all countries to be reached, the game was to be a collaborative card game. This means that the players, play together to reach a common goal. The next step was to engage in design sessions. With the gathered knowledge on SDG’s the card game was designed on a 15 year period were a whole turn represented a year. Within the 15 years all the 17 goals must be achieved.  With the help of friends and family the designs were tested and feedback was collected from the concerned parties. From the continuous feedback collected, updates were implemented. Thus a period of testing, feedback and updates was to follow. The next step was to work on the visual appearance of the cards, such as designing logo’s, cards, font sizes etc… Once the designs were finalized, they were sent out for printing.

…….Long process right!

As part of this very project, 2 events were organised. Now this was the fun part!

The 1st Event: 

The first event, involved engaging with a local youth group; ZAK of Birzebbugia to raise awareness on the SDG’s and engage youth in action. The youths were divided into 4 smaller groups and a brainstorming session was underway. Each group was asked to pick a goal/ a number of goals and to create an event that revolved around this/these goals so as to engage the community and create awareness. Another aim of the Youtheme group was to teach them how to go from coming up with an idea to creating an event.

The groups were asked to short list, and create an event. Below are the 4 events/ideas that were mentioned

  • Beach clean- up over a weekend. This would be done by firstly explaining to the volunteers what needs to be done. The volunteers would explore the beach to see what needs to be done. On the second day the clean-up event would be held in a fun and competitive manner so ¬†the volunteers will feel more eager to help. On the 3rd day, it would be time to enjoy the cleanliness of the beach with a BBQ.


  • A kayaking tour sponsored by the Malta free-port. While kayaking, the waste found in the sea would be collected.


  • A social media awareness campaign on gender inequality involving the pointing out of differences between women‚Äôs rights years ago and women‚Äôs rights now, and what improvements still need to be done.


  • A number of fundraisers. The money raised would help the local council to provide more bins. A clean-up marathon would follow. While people are cleaning up, concerts and educational activities will be held and broadcasted on TV for people to call and donate money.


How great are these ideas right!? Another session is going to be held so as to help the ZAK youths organise one of these events.

The 2nd Event: 

The second event revolved around the launch of the card game and the exhibition.

I attended this event and it was really fun. I particularly loved the idea of the live art session. Paint, paint brushes and wood boards were provided and we could draw what we wanted on these boards. Some of the themes that came out of it were unity, fighting to end hunger, pollution and love and respect. Now listen to this; the art works will be exhibited in the next exhibition and every art work produced will become part of each following exhibition. So this art library will always grow and be part of each future exhibition!


Oh and the food…. the food was glorious! The best part is that it was all fair-trade¬†and healthy! Thank you Joan for providing us with a great dinner that night!


From this event, positive feedback was collected and thus, 17 is planned to be commercialized with the pledge of distributing a card game to a school or organisation with every card game bought. 

Instruction sheets will be given with the card games, so don’t worry you will not be lost whilst attempting to play it!

The team behind this card game will be roaming around schools as soon as the next scholastic year will start and 17 will be distributed to teachers so the game could be used as an educational tool. 

I really hope you will all grow to love this game and appreciate the Sustainable Development Goals a little better!


At the moment the card game is not available at Say It but it might be very soon so keep your eyes and ears open! ūüėČ

* The 17 Card Game is part of the E4C funding opportunity for development organisations funded by SKOP.

SKOP Website –¬†http://skopmalta.org/

Say It’s Facebook Page:¬†https://www.facebook.com/Sayitmalta/


That’s It from me today friends! If you have read the entire post you deserve a pat on the back, cause it was a long one!

Hope you found this read interesting and please do message Say It with any feedback you would like to give regarding the posts you read here.

See you in the next one!



A Say It team member 



Get to Know the Mind Behind Say It’s Remodeling.

Is working in a team better than working solo?

Think of it this way, every person in a team can bring something to the table. They can  help out in ways that a person working solo might not be able to. Having a mixture of opinions, opens the way for depth and perspective. Patterns of thought are no longer singular. Thus, encountering variation of opinions allows for growth and the improvement of a project/business.

Our organisations (both Say It and Youtheme) flourish in a team setting. Cohesiveness is key but at the same time our team needs sole individuals to take care of particular tasks such as finance, media and so on. What our team lacked was a more creative and artistic mind behind Say It and fairtrade projects. Good news is, we found this person.

We thought it would be interesting for you guys to become acquainted with what some of us do as Say It Volunteers. Thus as promised in my previous blog post, below you have a chance to get to know Kim; the foremost mind behind Say It’s remodeling;


  1. Question: What drew you towards working at Say It?

Answer:¬†Actually it’s kind of a funny story. So, a couple of months ago I payed Albert a visit at University. Being a Councellor, I wanted to get his opinion on taking a job as a dental assistant when I was actually graduated in Art. Naturally for Albert he disagreed. He did not want me to waist my ‘talents’ if you can call them so. A while later he asked me if I would consider joining the group of volunteers at Say It and putting my artistic skills to good use. I accepted.

2. Question: Which skills of yours do you think of, as being the most valuable for the day to day operation of the shop as well as our occasional participation in projects?

Answer: Well, what lead Albert in asking me to join your team ¬†was the fact that I was graduated in Art and was very eager to keep my artistic passions alive. Thus working at Say It for me has become somewhat of a hobby because i get to do what I love. When your hobby can be used in your ‘job’ then I believe that the quality of the job/task will increase. For example; I loved working on our display shelves. Sometimes I even worked on them until 11 at night! I did not mind at all! I also have a background in Photoshop thus I help in the functioning of the print shop when we must print on mugs, shirts so on and so forth.

3. Question: What is your favourite thing about working as a Say It Volunteer? 

Answer: I think it’s probably the teamwork. When you feel included in a team, that feels pretty good! It’s a bit nerve wracking at first, because you don’t know anyone, but once you feel accepted and included than you work so much better because you feel more at ease and happy.

4. Question: What are some of your favourite products at Say It? 

Answer: I love the food and the teas here mostly as I have never really seen these in any other shop in Malta. Other favourites of mine are the items made from recycled material for example¬†the wine wrack that is made from recycled chains, the book holder and the ¬†jewel box made out of recycled keys. It’s so cool how they used these materials and transformed them into something you would have not thought of right? I mean who would have thought of using old keys to create a jewelry box!


5. Question: What are your future ambitions for Say It, and in what other ways do you wish to help out? 

Answer: ¬†I wish that more people get to know about Say It and as a result, help it grow. It’s a really good shop in my opinion and though it’s not big, I fell like it has a lot to offer. When I come to the shop and work on something, I feel inspired and relaxed. The shop has honestly become like a safe place for me; I can come here after work or whenever¬†I fell like it really, and think of ways to make Say It better and looking more vibrant. I can experiment with my creativity in a setting that is relatively new to me. What I have been doing with the shop lately has made me feel more fulfilled in a way because even though it is not a massive and widely know shop, I helped make it better and the team is really happy with how it is looking. So yea, all this makes me happy!


Kim; I want to thank you for your time and for answering my curiosities! OH and by the way, I love Say It’s food too!! ūüėõ

So, as you can see being part of a team means that you are not alone; you can celebrate the highs and be there for each other in the lows. Taking a leap into something new like a project prospect or an opportunity to grow your business is less intimidating when you have others to count on…. Thanks for everything team!!

Please do tell me what you thought of this interview.

Until next time friends, I hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend and rest whenever you have a chance to.

Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Sayitmalta/

A Say It team member

What’s been Going on at ”Say It” and What’s New?

Exams for many students are terminating, and as us students take a deep breath and finally look at the upcoming summer months with excitement, our team at Say It is also enthusiastic as we have been welcoming a handful of changes.

Firstly, the shop has been undergoing a makeover! The team felt like the shop space needed a change. The shop entrance room is not that big, and thus a part of the team has been working ¬†tirelessly to make the room more airy and spacious. Now (as you guys will see later on) the room seems bigger and everything is clearly displayed. There is more room for movement and you will no longer feel ¬†like you are going to bump into one of the shelves. ¬†Speaking of the shelves, these too have gotten a make over. The wood looks much more vibrant and new now; thanks to one very talented member of our team. She knows who she is! Our readers will get a chance to get to know her in the upcoming blog post! And while there is more work that has to be done, I’m so excited to share with you all how the shop is looking right now! I’m so proud of all those who are helping in this little project!


The shop looks bigger right? What I like is that everything is properly displayed and has it’s own space. There is less clutter in the middle of the room and everything can be seen.

Secondly, new products and merchandise have also made their way through our shop doors! Let me tell you, this new stuff is brilliant in my eyes. Take a look for yourself:


New Drawer sets by Paperhigh 

There drawers are all hand-painted and made from sustainable mango wood.


Wooden Hand-Painted Stools 

Different sizes are available for these beautiful stools.


This (fox) one is my personal fave! 


Any owl lovers over here!? 

lip balms

Dr. Bronner organic lip balms 

Keep those lips moisturized girls and boys!


Saira Metal Wire Pendant Light


Jelly Beans anyone?


Mirror mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all?


More wooden instruments available including shakers, flutes and pipes, djembes and hand drums.

salted nuts

Fact – I buy a packet of these almost every tine I’m at the shop!

Healthy and all too good!


Recycled Metal Owl Garden Wind Chimes

These wind chimes originate from India!

What do you guys think of the shop layout and the new products? Leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Sayitmalta/

Updated list of products displayed at Say It:

Gifts (a whole lot of them!!),
Garden accessories,
Kids toys,
Home decor and lighting,
Printing services (printing on shirts, key-chains, mugs etc…),
Cleaning products ad body lotions,
Food, snacks, sweets and drinks.

My next entry will consist of an interview with one of our team members; Kim! She is one talented girl I can assure you. But I don’t want to give anything away just yet…. you will get a chance to get to know her in a couple of days ūüėČ

That’s it for today friends! I will talk to you all later on this week, stay safe!



A Say It team member



Taking a Closer Look – The Sustainable Development Goals

I figure, if one¬†is going to truly believe and support something, they must firstly extensively understand the subject; where it all started from, how it developed and it’s various branches. That is why, today I feel I should explain to¬†you a little about the Sustainable Development Goals.

I have studied them at University and think that awareness of these universal goals is a must if we have the prosperity of fellow humans and the environment at heart. Also, all the Say It! team is super excited because we have 2 projects coming up this year that revolve around these goals! But these 2 deserve a post all for themselves, so for now, I will have to leave your curiosity pending. Sorry guys!

Back to these goals, so, the Sustainable Development Goals are a set of 17 goals that underline ways in which, as a generation, we can join forces for the world’s future;

  • They are backed up by a set of 169 detailed targets.
  • They were negotiated over a 2 year period at the United Nations (UN).
  • They were agreed to by nearly all the world’s nations, on the 25th of September 2015.
  • Their target reach is by 2030.

These goals are common to every nation in the world, whether these are less developed or more developed than others.  Their Universality stands out since cities, schools, businesses, and organisations are all encouraged to act. The goals are all inter-connected in a system. We cannot aim to achieve just one goal as the others follow closely behind. Finally, for these goals to be a success, a radical transformation must take place.

Now, let’s look at the goals one by one:

  1. End poverty in all it’s forms everywhere.
  2. End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.
  3. Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.
  4. Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote life-long learning.
  5. Achieve gender equality and empower women and girls.
  6. Ensure access to water and sanitation for all.
  7. Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.
  8. Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all.
  9. Build resilient infrastructure , promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.
  10. Reduce inequality within and among countries.
  11. Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.
  12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.
  13. Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.
  14. Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources.
  15. Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss.
  16. Promote just peaceful and inclusive societies.
  17. Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

The common theme here is ensuring prosperity for all and ultimately to leave no one behind.

I did not know what the United Nations stood for before I embarked on my University Course. So for anyone who is not sure of what the United Nations is and do, here is a very short summary.;

One can look at the United Nations as a global community that decides which goals to pursue next. As an intergovernmental organisation, their aim is to promote ¬†international co-operation. But why was the UN established in the first place? It was established after Word War II in hopes to prevent another such conflict. The United Nations gets it’s finances by assessed and voluntary contributions by its member states.

I’m looking at their Twitter right now and they have an impressive following of 8.79 Million!

Here are some of their posts:

SDG's 02

sdg's 03

UNICEF stands for: The United Nations Children’s Fund¬†




Finally, how do the Sustainable Development Goals Partner Up with Fairtrade?

The Fairtrade mark is the most recognized ethical label globally (according to the PDF I am going to link below). This mark gives power to the¬†consumer to influence the development agendas of Southern governments and local private sector companies. The Fairtrade mark¬†contributes to the SDG goals by taking a rights based approach and by ensuring fair participation among other ways. ”While all of the goals are relevant to Fairtrade producers, Fairtrade has a particular role in those most closely related to trade and export supply chains.”

I hope today’s little read gives you a better idea of what incorporates the Sustainable Development Goals and how these are linked to¬†Fairtrade. If you guys are further interested in reading about the latter, below is a PDF that will allow you to get further acquainted with the concept of Fairtrade, and how this can benefit society as a whole.


Keep an eye out for up-coming information about the projects Say It! is taking part in, for this year.

Thanks for stopping by friends! I hope you have ¬†a great Sunday, besides, I’m looking out the window right now and it looks like a marvellous day! ūüėČ

Gretel J. – A Say It! Volunteer

A little TLC for the Body and Soul

Hi All!! I’m back, (after quite some time) with another post. This is actually the first post for 2017! Where on earth has the time gone? In this post I decided to restyle the genre of posts and talk about something refreshing. In my opinion, it’s never enough to read about this topic as it is in our best interest¬†to be up to date with tips and ideas that can help us towards our goal that revolves around a healthier body and a happier soul.

You might have guessed it by now. Today’s topic has a little something to do with healthier eating and living in general. Of course, whilst keeping people’s and the environment’s best interest in mind. I’m going to share my knowledge on this subject based on my experience¬†over the past couple of years. However please, bear with me as I am far from an expert.

Never forget, you never ‘find’ a healthy lifestyle one fine day and acquire all the knowledge you need in an instant. It is a journey. You get better at it by time as you learn what works for you and what doesn’t.

  1. It’s all about Balance!

Who said that carbs are not important?

Carbs are inevitable for energy. It’s all about finding the right carbs and choosing the best time of day to consume them in. What I try to keep in mind is an upside down triangle.

The widest part of the triangle represents breakfast Рthis is when you need to prepare your body for the rest of the day. This is when taking carbs is basically inevitable. Less carbs intake in the morning means less energy for the rest o the day. Just be mindful of what type of carbs you are feeding your body. Also proteins and fiber are important at this time of day.

Let’s look at an example:

breakfast 01breakfast 02

A fruit smoothie (make at home OR try the Fruit Hit‚ĄĘ Smoothies available at Say It! Paola),

Tea or coffee¬†– I suggest you take a look¬†at the wide selection of flavoured teas we have here at the shop. Flavours include ¬†– white tea blueberry and elder-flower, peppermint, organic jasmine green tea, organic detox green tea, organic white and spicy tea etc…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tip – Sometimes you need to add some Honey for a little sweetness! –¬†Fair Trade Wild Blossom Honey¬†is available at Say It!)

A  banana, (great source of fiber), and some other fruit (Ex: a kiwi which has various vitamins as well as antioxidants that are beneficial for healthy looking skin).

And if you think you will still be hungry, go ahead and have a slice of whole wheat bread covered in organic peanut butter ( which is a great source of healthy fat and protein!) You might want to give organic peanut butter a go like the Equal Exchange Organic Unsalted Peanut Butter for a delicious but healthy sandwich.

2. Be knowledgeable on what you decide to feed your body. 

Now,¬†going back to the triangle, notice that since it’s upside down, the triangle gets narrower the more it descends. Thus, ¬†you will want to go lighter for launch. This is where meal prepping comes in. Eating out almost daily can get pretty costly. Not to mention, we are all guilty of opting for ‘less healthier’ options when we buy lunch from outside rather than when we prepare it from home. Thus, what I suggest is to try and dedicate a little bit of time each day to plan your meals (as healthily as you can), and prepare your lunch for school/work from beforehand.

For example, prepare a light rice or veggie salad with ingredients that you readily find in your fridge, and bring it with you to school/work. This method proves to be more cost effective through time which is always a good thing right! You can opt for fair trade approved rice if you want to join a good cause such as the Kilombero white or brown rice which is also available at Say It! I wrote a post on this rice a while back but basically with every bag of Kilombero rice you buy, you are helping families in Malawi to step out of poverty and to step into education for their children. What a great cause right!?


Tip – Try and mix it up! Speaking from personal experience, the body will get bored of receiving the same things every day. Don’t be afraid to experiment by exchanging some ingredients for others every once in a while.

Now, due to a busy lifestyle, we might not always have time to meal prep. When this happens just try to go out and buy the best options for lunch. For example one thing that all University students have in common is that they spend a lot of money on food! ūüėõ What can I say, studying makes you hungry! I try to always buy from the health shop we have at the University of Malta instead of buying from the canteen. I usually opt for a veggie energy wrap because its my favourite, but I need¬†to¬†give their salads a go.

3.  Snack on it! 

You can count on a Giant Oat Bar to keep you full until dinner if you are feeling peckish after lunch. The ones that are available at Say It! are also suitable for vegetarians/vegans. Various flavours are available at the shop namely almond, cherry, banana, strawberry, apricot and apple flavors.

giant oat bars 01

Tip РGreat snack ideas which are high in protein and which keeps you full are all sorts of nuts.

4. Dinner is where you have to be most self disciplined. 

We are now at the narrowest part of the triangle. Our metabolism slows down in the evening. Also we will not be needing a lot of energy through the night because we will be asleep. Thus I try to keep the amount of carbohydrate intake at this time of day as low as possible. If you eat carbs in the evening, it is possible that these will not be used up for energy and will be stored as fat. Bread, potatoes and pasta are best to be avoided in the evening (though this might get hard sometimes). Since I’m a vegetarian, I usually will have a salad or some kind if veggie bake at this time of day.

If you just cannot avoid carbs. then try to opt for the healthier ones such as sweet potato instead of normal potato. This is a good source of vitamins C, B6, and D and supports a healthy immune system. Not to mention. they are delicious!

5. To wrap things up

This tip here is nothing new. Exercise is always a good idea! I feel so much better about myself when I exercise. When I have no time to go to the gym, I try to go for a walk or do a quick session at home. Other times, laziness get’s the better of me and I don’t move a muscle! Hey we are all human right? Just remember to keep on persevering and to pick up from where you left off last time.

Healthier eating is a fundamental part of self-care though it is not the only aspect that is worth paying attention to. One must take care of the soul if he/she wants to feel more peaceful and not just the body. We must all love and accept ourselves to be happy. Also, please remember that these tips are my personal ones and an expert dietitian can give you more professional tips.

Having said this, I think that Say It! has many healthy options that one can try out. All the products mentioned above are fair trade products and thus one would be supporting numerous good causes when purchasing them.

That’s it from me for today friends. I hope you have a restful¬†weekend. I will catch you in my next post. ūüôā¬†




A Say It! team member!


Going from 2016 to 2017

So this next blog post is a little different. I wanted to try something out. This time, instead of giving you information on Fairtrade brands or products you can find at our shops, I wanted to just have a chat with you all as I would with a friend. The thought behind this blog post is to hopefully, help some of you in one way or another.

So, I’m a very thoughtful person. My mind never gives me a break, it’s always on the go. I know this will¬†sound a little cheesy or cliche, but I really just want to be a good and genuine person and treat others the way I want to be treated. To better yourself, well a lot of reflection is required. This, comes natural to me, however I understand that reflection is not as straight forward or as easy to some as it might be for others. That’s the beauty of life isn’t it? We each have our strengths. I believe that strengths should be put to good use.¬†So, after this rather long ramble I am going to share with you¬†some of the knowledge/awareness¬†I picked up in 2016. Here we go!

  1. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Now I know you might have read this one on other occasions, however I’m gong to share with you what this phrase means to me and how I utilize it in my day to day life. Whatever hardships you are going through, see them as an opportunity to become more resilient. I know it‚Äôs much easier said than done, but try to keep optimistic. I find that sometimes I struggle to get out of bed to start my day. There is no easy way to get over the procrastination and feelings of hopelessness or irrelevance that sometimes hover¬†over you. It‚Äôs hard sometimes, and that’s ok. Just have faith that whatever happens, happens for a reason. Whether you are battling¬†an expected or unexpected situation or feeling – simply have faith in yourself and understand that it is not the end of the world.
  2. People are going to leave, relationships are going to end.¬†This year I lost some people that I imagined would be in my life for a longer time. I admit that these events shuck me off balance for a while. I realized that things are going to happen, and people are going to change and it is¬†perfectly normal to outgrow someone. You are entitled to grow, change and finally move on. What’s important is to not allow others to define your existence if that makes sense. Do not let others define you by their presence. You define yourself and you are all you need.
  3. Change is good.¬†Continuing with the previous point, I admit that I am petrified of change, I always was. However 2016 for me, proved to be¬†a year filled to the brim with¬†changes. A year ago, I wouldn’t have imagined my life to be the way it currently is. Yet, I am so proud of myself for allowing change to¬†alter my life. Coming from someone who likes congruence and order, I learned that change is inevitable¬†and it is often times well needed. It forces you out of your comfort zone and as a result, you have to grow as a person to meet the sudden change and adapt to it.
  4. Try not to Judge. This can prove to be quite a challenge!  We have grown up in a judgmental world. I admit that I used to be the first to judge. However, this year has thought me not to judge someone’s actions without being in that person’s shoes. We go through individual experiences and react to them in our own way based on upbringing, social influence, hardships etc.. I, for instance, might not act and react the same way you would to a situation. Who are we to think that the way we would have handled a situation, is superior to the way another person handled it? If we must judge, it would be good to do it constructively and not destructively. The difference is that the first one helps someone whilst the second one hinders someone and might make the situation worse.
  5. Take a moment each day to practice being Grateful.¬†My family¬†can assure you that I complain all the time, whether its because I’m tired, or need to get up early, or have no time to go to the gym. The list goes on guys! We’re sometimes too busy complaining and pointing out what we lack and forget to be grateful for what we already have. For one thing, if you have a roof over your head, a hot plate to come home to each day, and people that love and support you, you are pretty lucky! Perhaps things can be better, but they can also be much worse too. This is important to keep in mind.
  6. Organisation is key!¬†To all those of you that are well on their way to mastering the organisation skill, I salute you! Being organised makes life so much easier!I cannot control everything, especially unforeseen circumstances, but since I‚Äôm quite an anxious person naturally and I get stressed very easily, perhaps planning ahead and having the week thought out before I start it may help me to calm down and to be more productive. Write assignment deadlines down and make a detailed plan¬†beforehand on how you’re going to do your research. Identify the best days to go to the gym each week and stick to the schedule. Do small tasks each day so that the workload will not overwhelm you in the end. ¬†I promise you that the hardest part is to get going. Once you realize how beneficial it is to be organised, you will not want to stop!
  7.  Practice self-discipline. This applies to most areas in life. Whether its studying, working, staying fit and also maintaining emotional health. In 2017, I want to learn how to more or less control my emotions, especially fear and dependence. I want to stick to schedules and not allow laziness to get the better of me.
  8. Get your priorities straight.¬†Considering the fact that¬†I have a busy schedule, I don‚Äôt stop and reflect as often as I used to. I feel like I‚Äôm always on the go, something that is almost inevitable in today‚Äôs world as no one wants to get left behind. We are always moving from one thing to another. Whilst we must keep in mind that this is good because it means that we are¬†alive and that we better do things when we are still young and full of energy, it is imperative¬†to make time for what we perceive to be most important in life. You have the power to decide what you want to center your life around. Decide what’s important and have the courage to build your life around your answer.
  9. You don’t need Validation from others.¬†Whilst it is desirable¬†to have people to approve of you and fill your missing pieces, as you get older you realize that strength comes from within and not from others’ perception¬†and approval of you. Acceptance of yourself also comes from within not from the ones around you. In your entirety, you are more than enough. You are all you need!
  10. Finally, retain hope for the future, and keep moving forward!¬†Sometimes we are left surprised at what life decides to throw our way.We feel paralyzed, unsure how to move forward. Please know, that you can be a good person without getting destroyed in the process. You can set boundaries to protect yourself, but that doesn’t mean that you have to disconnect from people. Even if you are constantly disappointed with how some people act¬†around the world, do not lose faith in human kind. There are good people out there, people that want to make a change just as much as you do! Even when our feet tremble, we must keep moving forward. To mature, we must say goodbye to our fears and have faith¬†in ourselves. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†¬†Here’s to 2017, may we all have a Wonderful Year and make some unforgettable memories!

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The Say It! team

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