17 ; The SDG Card Game

Hello everyone 🙂 This is a bit of a longer post, so I invite you to grab a drink and get comfortable. So let’s begin! A couple of posts back I introduced you all to what the Sustainable Development Goal’s (SDG’s) are, and what they aim towards. Now, after months of planning, a handful of Youtheme members have come up with 17; an educational card game that will greatly expand our knowledge  on these global goals. Now if you are interested in it, be prepared, it’s not an easy one! However it’s creators created a more challenging game in the hopes to make players understand that the goals themselves are not easily achieved.

Here’s the story on how the 17 Card Game was born:

The first step was to reach out to the people involved in the Youtheme foundation as well as other related contacts.  Once the creators of the card game were found, an introductory meeting was held and roles were assigned and agreed upon. The creative team met for a number of brainstorming sessions were different card games were played in order to instigate inspiration. All members of this project were vital; some shared knowledge on SDG’s whilst others helped in the creative element and card design knowledge. After a healthy amount of discussion, it was decided that since the goals are global and need the co-operation of all countries to be reached, the game was to be a collaborative card game. This means that the players, play together to reach a common goal. The next step was to engage in design sessions. With the gathered knowledge on SDG’s the card game was designed on a 15 year period were a whole turn represented a year. Within the 15 years all the 17 goals must be achieved.  With the help of friends and family the designs were tested and feedback was collected from the concerned parties. From the continuous feedback collected, updates were implemented. Thus a period of testing, feedback and updates was to follow. The next step was to work on the visual appearance of the cards, such as designing logo’s, cards, font sizes etc… Once the designs were finalized, they were sent out for printing.

…….Long process right!

As part of this very project, 2 events were organised. Now this was the fun part!

The 1st Event: 

The first event, involved engaging with a local youth group; ZAK of Birzebbugia to raise awareness on the SDG’s and engage youth in action. The youths were divided into 4 smaller groups and a brainstorming session was underway. Each group was asked to pick a goal/ a number of goals and to create an event that revolved around this/these goals so as to engage the community and create awareness. Another aim of the Youtheme group was to teach them how to go from coming up with an idea to creating an event.

The groups were asked to short list, and create an event. Below are the 4 events/ideas that were mentioned

  • Beach clean- up over a weekend. This would be done by firstly explaining to the volunteers what needs to be done. The volunteers would explore the beach to see what needs to be done. On the second day the clean-up event would be held in a fun and competitive manner so  the volunteers will feel more eager to help. On the 3rd day, it would be time to enjoy the cleanliness of the beach with a BBQ.


  • A kayaking tour sponsored by the Malta free-port. While kayaking, the waste found in the sea would be collected.


  • A social media awareness campaign on gender inequality involving the pointing out of differences between women’s rights years ago and women’s rights now, and what improvements still need to be done.


  • A number of fundraisers. The money raised would help the local council to provide more bins. A clean-up marathon would follow. While people are cleaning up, concerts and educational activities will be held and broadcasted on TV for people to call and donate money.


How great are these ideas right!? Another session is going to be held so as to help the ZAK youths organise one of these events.

The 2nd Event: 

The second event revolved around the launch of the card game and the exhibition.

I attended this event and it was really fun. I particularly loved the idea of the live art session. Paint, paint brushes and wood boards were provided and we could draw what we wanted on these boards. Some of the themes that came out of it were unity, fighting to end hunger, pollution and love and respect. Now listen to this; the art works will be exhibited in the next exhibition and every art work produced will become part of each following exhibition. So this art library will always grow and be part of each future exhibition!


Oh and the food…. the food was glorious! The best part is that it was all fair-trade and healthy! Thank you Joan for providing us with a great dinner that night!


From this event, positive feedback was collected and thus, 17 is planned to be commercialized with the pledge of distributing a card game to a school or organisation with every card game bought. 

Instruction sheets will be given with the card games, so don’t worry you will not be lost whilst attempting to play it!

The team behind this card game will be roaming around schools as soon as the next scholastic year will start and 17 will be distributed to teachers so the game could be used as an educational tool. 

I really hope you will all grow to love this game and appreciate the Sustainable Development Goals a little better!


At the moment the card game is not available at Say It but it might be very soon so keep your eyes and ears open! 😉

* The 17 Card Game is part of the E4C funding opportunity for development organisations funded by SKOP.

SKOP Website – http://skopmalta.org/

Say It’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Sayitmalta/


That’s It from me today friends! If you have read the entire post you deserve a pat on the back, cause it was a long one!

Hope you found this read interesting and please do message Say It with any feedback you would like to give regarding the posts you read here.

See you in the next one!



A Say It team member 



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