What’s been Going on at ”Say It” and What’s New?

Exams for many students are terminating, and as us students take a deep breath and finally look at the upcoming summer months with excitement, our team at Say It is also enthusiastic as we have been welcoming a handful of changes.

Firstly, the shop has been undergoing a makeover! The team felt like the shop space needed a change. The shop entrance room is not that big, and thus a part of the team has been working  tirelessly to make the room more airy and spacious. Now (as you guys will see later on) the room seems bigger and everything is clearly displayed. There is more room for movement and you will no longer feel  like you are going to bump into one of the shelves.  Speaking of the shelves, these too have gotten a make over. The wood looks much more vibrant and new now; thanks to one very talented member of our team. She knows who she is! Our readers will get a chance to get to know her in the upcoming blog post! And while there is more work that has to be done, I’m so excited to share with you all how the shop is looking right now! I’m so proud of all those who are helping in this little project!


The shop looks bigger right? What I like is that everything is properly displayed and has it’s own space. There is less clutter in the middle of the room and everything can be seen.

Secondly, new products and merchandise have also made their way through our shop doors! Let me tell you, this new stuff is brilliant in my eyes. Take a look for yourself:


New Drawer sets by Paperhigh 

There drawers are all hand-painted and made from sustainable mango wood.


Wooden Hand-Painted Stools 

Different sizes are available for these beautiful stools.


This (fox) one is my personal fave! 


Any owl lovers over here!? 

lip balms

Dr. Bronner organic lip balms 

Keep those lips moisturized girls and boys!


Saira Metal Wire Pendant Light


Jelly Beans anyone?


Mirror mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all?


More wooden instruments available including shakers, flutes and pipes, djembes and hand drums.

salted nuts

Fact – I buy a packet of these almost every tine I’m at the shop!

Healthy and all too good!


Recycled Metal Owl Garden Wind Chimes

These wind chimes originate from India!

What do you guys think of the shop layout and the new products? Leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Sayitmalta/

Updated list of products displayed at Say It:

Gifts (a whole lot of them!!),
Garden accessories,
Kids toys,
Home decor and lighting,
Printing services (printing on shirts, key-chains, mugs etc…),
Cleaning products ad body lotions,
Food, snacks, sweets and drinks.

My next entry will consist of an interview with one of our team members; Kim! She is one talented girl I can assure you. But I don’t want to give anything away just yet…. you will get a chance to get to know her in a couple of days 😉

That’s it for today friends! I will talk to you all later on this week, stay safe!



A Say It team member




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