A little TLC for the Body and Soul

Hi All!! I’m back, (after quite some time) with another post. This is actually the first post for 2017! Where on earth has the time gone? In this post I decided to restyle the genre of posts and talk about something refreshing. In my opinion, it’s never enough to read about this topic as it is in our best interest to be up to date with tips and ideas that can help us towards our goal that revolves around a healthier body and a happier soul.

You might have guessed it by now. Today’s topic has a little something to do with healthier eating and living in general. Of course, whilst keeping people’s and the environment’s best interest in mind. I’m going to share my knowledge on this subject based on my experience over the past couple of years. However please, bear with me as I am far from an expert.

Never forget, you never ‘find’ a healthy lifestyle one fine day and acquire all the knowledge you need in an instant. It is a journey. You get better at it by time as you learn what works for you and what doesn’t.

  1. It’s all about Balance!

Who said that carbs are not important?

Carbs are inevitable for energy. It’s all about finding the right carbs and choosing the best time of day to consume them in. What I try to keep in mind is an upside down triangle.

The widest part of the triangle represents breakfast – this is when you need to prepare your body for the rest of the day. This is when taking carbs is basically inevitable. Less carbs intake in the morning means less energy for the rest o the day. Just be mindful of what type of carbs you are feeding your body. Also proteins and fiber are important at this time of day.

Let’s look at an example:

breakfast 01breakfast 02

A fruit smoothie (make at home OR try the Fruit Hit™ Smoothies available at Say It! Paola),

Tea or coffee – I suggest you take a look at the wide selection of flavoured teas we have here at the shop. Flavours include  – white tea blueberry and elder-flower, peppermint, organic jasmine green tea, organic detox green tea, organic white and spicy tea etc…

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Tip – Sometimes you need to add some Honey for a little sweetness! – Fair Trade Wild Blossom Honey is available at Say It!)

A  banana, (great source of fiber), and some other fruit (Ex: a kiwi which has various vitamins as well as antioxidants that are beneficial for healthy looking skin).

And if you think you will still be hungry, go ahead and have a slice of whole wheat bread covered in organic peanut butter ( which is a great source of healthy fat and protein!) You might want to give organic peanut butter a go like the Equal Exchange Organic Unsalted Peanut Butter for a delicious but healthy sandwich.

2. Be knowledgeable on what you decide to feed your body. 

Now, going back to the triangle, notice that since it’s upside down, the triangle gets narrower the more it descends. Thus,  you will want to go lighter for launch. This is where meal prepping comes in. Eating out almost daily can get pretty costly. Not to mention, we are all guilty of opting for ‘less healthier’ options when we buy lunch from outside rather than when we prepare it from home. Thus, what I suggest is to try and dedicate a little bit of time each day to plan your meals (as healthily as you can), and prepare your lunch for school/work from beforehand.

For example, prepare a light rice or veggie salad with ingredients that you readily find in your fridge, and bring it with you to school/work. This method proves to be more cost effective through time which is always a good thing right! You can opt for fair trade approved rice if you want to join a good cause such as the Kilombero white or brown rice which is also available at Say It! I wrote a post on this rice a while back but basically with every bag of Kilombero rice you buy, you are helping families in Malawi to step out of poverty and to step into education for their children. What a great cause right!?


Tip – Try and mix it up! Speaking from personal experience, the body will get bored of receiving the same things every day. Don’t be afraid to experiment by exchanging some ingredients for others every once in a while.

Now, due to a busy lifestyle, we might not always have time to meal prep. When this happens just try to go out and buy the best options for lunch. For example one thing that all University students have in common is that they spend a lot of money on food! 😛 What can I say, studying makes you hungry! I try to always buy from the health shop we have at the University of Malta instead of buying from the canteen. I usually opt for a veggie energy wrap because its my favourite, but I need to give their salads a go.

3.  Snack on it! 

You can count on a Giant Oat Bar to keep you full until dinner if you are feeling peckish after lunch. The ones that are available at Say It! are also suitable for vegetarians/vegans. Various flavours are available at the shop namely almond, cherry, banana, strawberry, apricot and apple flavors.

giant oat bars 01

Tip – Great snack ideas which are high in protein and which keeps you full are all sorts of nuts.

4. Dinner is where you have to be most self disciplined. 

We are now at the narrowest part of the triangle. Our metabolism slows down in the evening. Also we will not be needing a lot of energy through the night because we will be asleep. Thus I try to keep the amount of carbohydrate intake at this time of day as low as possible. If you eat carbs in the evening, it is possible that these will not be used up for energy and will be stored as fat. Bread, potatoes and pasta are best to be avoided in the evening (though this might get hard sometimes). Since I’m a vegetarian, I usually will have a salad or some kind if veggie bake at this time of day.

If you just cannot avoid carbs. then try to opt for the healthier ones such as sweet potato instead of normal potato. This is a good source of vitamins C, B6, and D and supports a healthy immune system. Not to mention. they are delicious!

5. To wrap things up

This tip here is nothing new. Exercise is always a good idea! I feel so much better about myself when I exercise. When I have no time to go to the gym, I try to go for a walk or do a quick session at home. Other times, laziness get’s the better of me and I don’t move a muscle! Hey we are all human right? Just remember to keep on persevering and to pick up from where you left off last time.

Healthier eating is a fundamental part of self-care though it is not the only aspect that is worth paying attention to. One must take care of the soul if he/she wants to feel more peaceful and not just the body. We must all love and accept ourselves to be happy. Also, please remember that these tips are my personal ones and an expert dietitian can give you more professional tips.

Having said this, I think that Say It! has many healthy options that one can try out. All the products mentioned above are fair trade products and thus one would be supporting numerous good causes when purchasing them.

That’s it from me for today friends. I hope you have a restful weekend. I will catch you in my next post. 🙂 




A Say It! team member!



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